With a wealth of options to choose from, apartment hunting in Las Vegas can be a daunting task. From settling on a location to factoring in your unique needs when it comes to features and amenities, the decision-making process can be a challenging one.

In this article we will discuss some of the most sought after and frequently included amenities in Las Vegas apartment communities to help guide your apartment hunting process.

In-Unit Laundry

Though washers and dryers have become standard in most modern Las Vegas apartments it is still best to confirm that your prospective home comes with them installed. And even though in-unit  laundry rooms have become standard, there are still some things to check for based on your needs.

  • Interior washers and dryers. Even some newer apartment communities have laundry rooms located in a closet off of the main patio or balcony. Though the weather in Las Vegas is generally favorable compared to other regions, it can still get cold (and extremely hot) here. It’s also nice to not have to worry about what you’re wearing or how presentable you look when handling household chores.
  • Stackable vs full-size laundry. Stackable washer dryer combos are nice for saving space, but not very convenient when you have larger items like blankets to wash frequently. Some communities with in-apartment stackable laundry units do offer a shared laundry space for residents that features commercial-sized appliances. This can be crucial if you may occasionally need to wash larger items and do not want to make trips to a laundromat to do so.
  • Location. If you rent a two story or more apartment home, then you may also want to consider if having your laundry room on the same floor as your bedrooms is a deal-breaker.

Furnished Units 

Furnished apartments can be good for short-term leases or even to accommodate a speedy relocation for work. They can also be good for professionals that like to live minimally and do a fair amount of travelling. Furnished units tend to be more expensive; but you can walk into them and start living, and working, right away.

Pet-Friendly Units 

Pets are important, they are part of the family and enhance your life, so you need to consider this carefully when searching for a new apartment. In addition to finding a home that is pet-friendly, location to nearby amenities such as walkable parks is something to consider.

When you find a pet-friendly unit, you can expect there to be a larger deposit or monthly pet rent; there is also less chance of you receiving your deposit back due to pet damage. Still, most pet owners view this as a small price to pay for having their furry family members in the home.     

Outdoor Spaces 

For many inner-city apartments, space comes at a premium, and outdoor spaces can be especially hard to find. That said, you should be able to source an apartment with a balcony that gives you access to the outside air, the ability to dry laundry, and a place to toast the new find. 

Apartments tend to have outdoor balconies that are large enough to keep plants and flowers; you can also use this area for additional storage if you have the right units for outdoor storage. Many apartments come with shared outdoor spaces, but a balcony is private and worth having.   

Parking Areas 

A dedicated, covered parking space for your new apartment is convenient and practical; it will reduce your daily stress help preserve your car’s interior against the damaging Vegas sun. Even if you don’t have a car, parking space is a useful amenity. Guests can use your parking space without having to park far away in community spaces when they visit.

Garages are less common, but they are available. In some communities they are included, while others provide a select number as an added amenity for a fee. In these instances, and in some cases where they are included, garages will be detached. While it only rains approximately 50 days per year in Vegas, a connected garage is a handy amenity and something else to consider in your hunt.

Community Amenities

Finally, don’t forget to keep an eye out for some bonus spaces in the apartment community you choose. These can include fitness centers, swimming pools, playgrounds for the kids, or even dog parks. In addition to their convenience, having an amenity such as a gym can help to save on monthly quality of life costs. 

Las Vegas is a special market when it comes to choosing a home to rent. Based on the location you choose, your experience can vary drastically. Thankfully with an abundance of options, you can generally find the features and amenities you desire in the neighborhood you choose.



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