Just because a space is small in size doesn’t mean that it needs to be small in style or creativity! Here at Habitat, we specialize in creative, 3-story floor plans that help you bring out your inner artist, foodie, or maestro. 

One way to express your creativity is to use space-saving tricks to optimize your home. Here, we’ll share some space-saving ideas to help you maximize your apartment. From creative storage options to fun art, we want to help you make your small space uniquely yours. 

Take Advantage of Vertical Storage

In a small space, you only have so much floor space to store things, which means that you have to get creative. One way to do that is to take advantage of vertical storage. Look into installing shelving or buy a tall storage rack that doesn’t take up too much floor space. You will be surprised how much you can store on a beautiful shelf or rack! From books to kitchen utensils to plants and more, vertical storage is your friend in small spaces. 

Turn Mounted Items into Wall Art

Speaking of vertical storage, another way to save space in your apartment and create unique wall art is to mount items on the wall. If you can find a stud and a safe place to mount heavy items, you can even mount things like a bike, guitar, ironing board, or even a foldable dining table. Before you mount anything on your walls, though, make sure to research how to mount things as a renter

Buy Furniture That’s the Right Size

One of the simplest things you can do to free up space in a small apartment is to buy furniture that’s the right size for your space. Sure, that beautiful L-shaped couch would look great in a huge family room, but something like that will be too big for your space. If you buy furniture that’s too big for your apartment, you’ll lose out on valuable storage space. Instead, measure your space and shop for furniture made for small spaces. 

In addition to buying furniture that’s the right size, also consider dual-purpose furniture to save space and create multi-functional spaces. The most popular choice for dual-purpose furniture is a pull-out couch, but there are so many other options to help you save space. Some chairs and ottomans have storage inside, soft lounge chairs that fold out into beds, or shelves that are also speakers. Dual-functionality is key when you’re trying to save space. 

Decorate With Storage Cubbies

Storage cubbies are a classic choice when you want to decorate and also store things. There are so many options when designing your storage cubbies that you can make them your own with the shelves and storage cubes. Plus, not only are these storage cubbies fashionable and customizable based on your interior design style, but they are also functional and will help you keep things organized in your apartment. To keep your cubbies organized, consider putting things in categories so you always know where to find them. For example, one storage cube might have gym stuff, one might have books, and one might have small tools. Even more, you can buy organizers that go inside the storage cubes. With a storage solution like this, you can free up a lot more space in your small apartment and everything stays organized. 

Moving to a city like Las Vegas means that you’ll be in the middle of the action, but you may have to sacrifice space. But with these creative space-saving ideas, you can have the best of both worlds: a beautiful, organized apartment and the thrill of living in Downtown Las Vegas. Looking to make the move? Contact us today to explore our unique and creative floor plans at Habitat!

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